Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why always this mess?

Why is it always such a mess in the beading area? I have occupied half the dining table in the living room with my beading trays so I can steal a little time whenever possible. I tidied up just the other day and now it is a mess again. I have been doing some hook clasps and far wires that are waiting to be hammered and am trying to figure out a desing for a necklace and a bracelet all at the same time. Well, l guess I will have to call it a creative mess...


  1. Kreativt kaos är av största vikt. Dock är det inte så kul när man tror att man inte har silverkedja, går till datorn och beställer och sen lyfter man på en grej och hittar silverkedja...Bland annat.. Kram /Therese

  2. Hi Jenny, I'm so glad you liked the bracelet I sent to you for the pay it forward......I hope you will enjoy wearing it!