Friday, June 22, 2012


Quite a while ago I participated on the Color of spring challenge hosted by Sally Russik from The Studio Sublime. I did not finish my piece on time but I got it done shortly after but I have not got around to publishing the photos until now. So here it is, a set with hand forged copper, Czech glass and Sally's enameled beads.

List of paticipants:


  1. Vad fint! Får jag gå kurs hos dig sen? :-)

  2. Oh Jenny, they are all beautiful! I love the color scheme with the serene pale lilac and milky lime green, and then the rustic copper to go with that. Super nice Jenny! Super nice!!!!!!

    You wouldn't by any chance have the images in higher resolution? I would love to see more detail and close up. :-)

    (Jag kan berätta hur du får bilderna i högre upplösning på din blogg. Så man kan öppna dem i ett nytt fönster och de blir större. Skriv till mig per e-post eller på fejan om du vill veta.)

  3. Jenny, definitely worth the wait! Beautiful!!! This color palette is one of my all time favorites!! Your wire working is wonderful and adds so much detail to the necklace! Thank you again for taking the time to participating in the Color Hop Challenge!