Saturday, July 7, 2012

Soup has arrived!

 My bead soup has arrived from Shelley! She have made this fun package filled with bags of ingredients. Those were filled with lovely and challenging ingredients. A handmade focal with the word "be" on (which I love!), handmade beads, some extras and a handmade clasp. The challenging and a bit scary part is that the whole soup is i a color I usually don't work with that often and I haven't worked with polymer beads earlier. But it is supposed to be a challenge!  And I love the focal with its message and the fun clasp and the beads.... Well I love it all and I hope I can do the soup justice.

Package of soup.

Bags of ingredients.

Bead soup.

Colorful flower magnets.


  1. What lovely packaging, and beautiful soup ingredients!

  2. Jenny I am sure you will create something gorgeous....can't wait to see it, hav fun!

  3. Lucky lady.Shelley has great beads. I wondered who go the awesome packaging as well.
    Please email me your address for your give away beads as well.You are one of the five this week.
    Thank you. Tanya

  4. Hmmm, that color is a challenge. Of course, you might combine it with some other colors to lessen its impact. Of course, I think the fun of the bead soup blog hop is getting beads/supplies you might not have gotten for yourself and figuring out how to work with them. I'm positive you'll create something amazing!