Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My workspace right now...

I have decided to try and use as much of my bead stach as possible. I have quite a lot of beads and especially findings thart I orderd early on in my beading years that just have been collecting dust lately. Since I am on maternity leave right now I have to make some sales to have the money buy new beads and other supplies. So therefore I challange myself to use the matereal I have at hand even though some of it might not be what I would buy today.

I have also decided ro reuse the beads from some of my earlier work that also just have been collecting dust for a while. I took a picture of my workspace the other day when I had pulled out some material to work with. The workspace I really our dining table but since we usually eat in the kitchen I have spread out some of my beads there so I can work a bit whenever I have a moment free. Right now I am working with some green glassbeads that are salvaged from an old necklace and bracelet.

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