Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lace and faux pearls bracelet...

A while back I found a tuorial of a pearl and lace bracelet at Flamingo Toes. I used materials I had home to mace a first try to do this bracelet so I ended up with pink faux pearls, pink faux suede cord and pink lace. This is a personal favourite bracelet right now and I will defenitely try some variations of this design. I really love the romantic vibe of using lace in jewelry and I am thinking of pairing the lace with real pearls or maybe som semi-precious stones.


  1. Va fint det var, förstår att det är en favorit! / Marie-Louise

  2. How amazingly creative to use lace! I LOVE it! I wish I knew how to make this style of bracelet.

  3. What a pretty piece! So feminine and lovely.